Israel crafts $500,000 in toys for Palestinians

A group of Israeli craftsmen are creating art and crafts for the Palestinian people, as part of a project to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the creation of Israel.

The “art and crafts” project is a joint effort between the Israeli National Art Project and the Palestinian Art Council, according to the Palestinian Arts Council.

According to the council, the art is being created by artists and artists from the surrounding villages, as well as the municipality.

“In the past, Palestinians had to go to Israel to get their art done, but now they can make their own,” said Ibrahim Nafisi, the council’s director.

“They can start their own small workshops, and create their own works.

We’re here to support them.”

The initiative began in March and has already raised $500 of the $500-million-a-year Israeli budget for art, the Jerusalem Post reported.

“The idea is to give the Palestinians a chance to express themselves and to give us a glimpse of what they are capable of,” said Nafisu.

The council is also creating art for the children of Israel and the West Bank, and will distribute $5,000 worth of the finished products to families of Palestinians in the area, the Post reported, adding that the money will go to an art fund in the West bank.

In addition, the committee will be creating an exhibition of Palestinian art, and plans to launch a weekly newspaper, which will include articles by Palestinian artists.

The program has been hailed as a “success” by some of the Palestinians involved, who said it shows the Israeli government has failed to make the Palestinians of Israel feel welcome.

“This project is an important part of the Palestinian artists’ work, which they have been doing since the beginning of the occupation,” said Saeb Erekat, a senior advisor to the Palestine Liberation Organization.

“This project will give us the opportunity to make sure that Palestinians feel like they are treated as equal citizens in Israel and that they are part of their country.”

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