Why the Crafts for Kids craze hasn’t been as successful as the Craft for Adults

The Craft for Kids industry is a massive business, but the craft craze isn’t a new phenomenon, experts say.

Here are three reasons why.1.

Kids can’t really make anything.

The craft craise was first conceived as a marketing tool for children and parents in the 1960s, and it has continued to grow, with a handful of notable companies now competing with each other in this market.

However, craft supplies, which have grown in popularity since the craze began, have come under fire from some parents who feel that the products are too difficult for kids.2.

The kids can’t make it.

Kids are not well-versed in the craft, and many of the best crafts in the market are aimed at adults, said Laura A. Siegel, director of marketing and research for the Consumer Products Marketing Association.3.

The materials are too expensive.

While a child can learn how to make things with materials at home, craft supply companies often charge too much for these materials, Siegel said.

And because of the craft industry’s focus on kids, the average age of a consumer’s first purchase of a craft supply is much lower than the average for a consumer of a similar age, said Emily L. Henson, senior vice president of retail at the National Craft Supplies Association.

Siegel said it’s too early to know whether craft supplies will continue to grow in popularity, but she noted that craft supplies have grown more popular with younger consumers in recent years, particularly after they began buying more toys, games, clothing and household items.

The Crafts For Kids crape has not been as well-received by adults, either, she said.