Which are your favorite $100 dollar craft items for kids?

The Dollar Tree, a chain of retail stores that has been around since 1985, has recently made a move into childrens apparel.

The company is selling an exclusive collection of princess craft items under the name “Baked Beauty” at its dollar tree stores.

These Princess Craft rv items include hats, gloves, and scarves.

They’re also priced at $1.99 for the two-piece set and $2.49 for the four-piece kit.

While the hats are not available for sale, the price tag on the gloves is quite a bit higher.

The scarves come in a variety of colors, and include everything from sparkly pink to bright orange.

The dollar tree’s new collection of Princess Craft items is a great way to introduce kids to a few different types of jewelry, hats, and other craft products.

It’s also a great chance to showcase Disney Princesses to kids, and it’s an excellent way to promote Disney’s line of branded apparel and accessories.

The dollar tree also has some other fun and cute merchandise for children as well, including a “Turtle” doll and “Little Mermaid” themed plush doll.