Wine bottle crafts: What to look for

A vintage bottle opener.

A vintage wine bottle opener with a screw cap.

A wine bottle with a vintage label.

A glass wine bottle from the 1920s.

A bottle opener from the 1970s.

An antique bottle opener in a museum.

A beer bottle opener of the 1950s.

Vintage glass bottles.

Vintage wine bottles.

A window bottle opener, or the window of a car window.

A small bottle opener or a glass bottle opener that looks like a beer bottle.

Vintage vintage wine bottles and wine bottle decanters.

Vintage beer bottles and beer bottle decans.

Vintage water bottles and water bottle decants.

Vintage champagne bottles and champagne bottle decant holders.

Vintage bottle caps.

Vintage jewelry.

Vintage handbags and luggage.

Vintage kitchenware and kitchenware.

Vintage bath and body products.

Vintage furniture.

Vintage books and magazines.

Vintage cars.

Vintage electronics.

Vintage clothing.

Vintage shoes.

Vintage clothes.

Vintage hats.

Vintage scarves.

Vintage tattoos.

Vintage purses.

Vintage wall decor.

Vintage posters.

Vintage video games.

Vintage wedding photography.

Vintage wallpaper.

Vintage artwork.

Vintage accessories.

Vintage household cleaning products.

Wine bottle art.

Vintage wood-burning stove.

Vintage metal-burning oven.

Vintage ceramic tile tile floor.

Vintage antique antique wall decor or wall art.