What to know about fall crafts and fall festivals in Canada

A new report shows that craft breweries in the province of Alberta are enjoying an upswing in the last few years.

The Alberta Craft Brewers Guild is looking at what breweries are doing right and what needs to be done to maintain this growth.

“There are so many great things happening in Alberta right now,” said Dave McLean, the guild’s president.

“We’ve had the big boom of craft breweries.

And we’re also seeing a lot of great new restaurants and bars opening up in Alberta.

The province is really vibrant and it’s a great time to be in Alberta.”

McLean said Alberta’s craft brewers are seeing their share of growth.

Craft beer sales are up 20 per cent over the last year, and the number of breweries has more than doubled since 2010.

But they are still far behind their counterparts in other provinces.

“We’re not really seeing a spike in craft beer consumption, although I do see some new breweries opening,” McLean said.

“And the growth rate is not as much as we would have liked it to be.”

Mclean said he’s hopeful that the growth will continue.

“What’s really exciting for us is the craft beer movement is getting better and better every year, especially in Alberta,” he said.

McLean, who is from Edmonton, said he wants to see more growth in Alberta’s wine and spirits industry.

He also thinks the province needs to get its craft beer industry in order.

“I think we need to make sure that the craft brewers can have a place to hang out, so to speak,” Mclean said.

“Craft beer is the most important sector for Alberta.

And if you’re not getting your beer out there to the people who really care about it, then you’re really missing out.”