How to dress for Valentine’s Day! Source NBC News

A look at what to wear for Valentine today.

If you’re feeling romantic, or just looking for something a little more festive, here are the best Valentine’s day gifts for you.

Here’s the full list of Valentine’s gift options:1.

Valentine’s candy.

Buy candy from the candy vending machine in Valentine’s Parade, the second-oldest parade in the U.S. in 2018.2.

A Valentine’s card.

Find a Valentine’s Card from the Valentine’s Box, the fourth-oldgest vending machine at the parade.3.

A new pair of shoes.

Get a pair of Valentine-themed shoes from the L’OrĂ©al Valentine Collection.4.

A gift certificate for the first date of your new year.

A card with your date’s name and date of birth will arrive in your mailbox the day after you buy it.5.

A vintage Valentine’s cake.

Get one of these Valentine’s Cake Tarts from the bakery.6.

A pair of socks.

Find the Valentine-inspired socks you’ve always wanted at the gift shop in Valentine.7.

A free Valentine’s shopping spree.

Visit Valentine’s Market and grab a Valentine card and the Valentine gift of the day.8.

A collection of Valentine flowers.

Find an assortment of Valentine bouquets, which will appear at the Valentines Boutique and the Valentinas Boutique Salon.9.

A cute Valentine’s box.

Find one for Valentine that you like.10.

A special Valentine’s treat.

Make your own Valentine’s Valentine’s treats for Valentine Day by baking a Valentine Cake Tasting Kit.11.

Valentine candy and a gift certificate.

Find Valentine’s Candy and a Valentine Gift Certificate at the Valentine Candy and Gift Certificate Shop.12.

A fun Valentine’s present.

Use a Valentine-specific toy to decorate or build a special Valentine Gift Box for your loved one.13.

A birthday gift.

Get your Valentine’s Birthday present for Valentine day.14.

A big, festive Valentine’s date.

Make it big with a Valentine Cupcake, Valentine Cake Stuffed Peppermint, Valentine’s Chocolate Cake, Valentine Chocolate Cake Stuffing Cake, or Valentine Chocolate Cookie.15.

A Christmas gift.

Buy your first Valentine’s presents at the Santa Clause.16.

A Valentines Day gift.

Discover more Valentine’s Christmas Gift Ideas at the holiday shop.17.

A nice Valentine’s dinner.

Find something Valentine’s like at the Best of the Best Christmas Inn.18.

A romantic Valentine’s birthday gift for a special someone.

Use the Valentine Day Gift of the Day to create a Valentine Birthday Gift Box, Valentine Birthday Cake Stuffs, Valentine Valentine Birthday Chocolate Cake Chunks, Valentine Love Cupcakes, or a Valentine Valentine Cupcakes Cake.19.

Valentine birthday gift ideas.

Try these Valentine Valentine’s Date Night Gifts, Valentine Day Favorites, Valentine Party Favorites for Valentine, Valentine Bridesmaids Valentine Gifts, or the Valentine Valentine Valentine Gift of a Lifetime.20.

A surprise Valentine’s surprise gift.

Grab your Valentine Valentine Holiday Gifts for Valentine.21.

A stylish Valentine’s dress.

Discover the best dress for the occasion at the Holiday Dress Boutique.22.

A holiday gift for the ladies.

A great gift for Valentine is a chic Valentines Dress.23.

A chic Valentine’s shirt.

Craft your own Valentines Valentines T-shirt or get one for your Valentine from the Valentino Valentine Supply Store.24.

A beautiful Valentine’s sweater.

Craft Valentine’s Valentines Shirts, Sweaters, or sweaters with the Valentinos Vintage T-Shirts.25.

A gorgeous Valentine’s necklace.

Craft Valentines Valentine Gifts or get a Valentines Gift Card from a Valentinos Valentine Gift Card Shop.26.

A lovely Valentine’s hat.

Find some Valentines Hat Gifts for Valentines Birthday.27.

A unique Valentine’s costume.

Discover Valentines Winter Wonderland Halloween Costume and Valentines Holiday Costume.28.

A super cute Valentine outfit.

Discover a Valentine themed outfit for your romantic Valentine or for Valentine to wear on Valentine’s Eve.29.

A fabulous Valentine’s photo shoot.

Use your own photos to decorating a special Valentines photo shoot at the photo studio.30.

A stunning Valentine’s wedding photo.

Get an impressive Valentine’s Wedding Photo Booth from the wedding studio for a fabulous Valentine wedding photo session.31.

A perfect Valentine’s Halloween photo.

Craft a unique Valentines Halloween Photo Booth at the Wedding Studio.32.

A spectacular Valentine’s graduation.

Craft an elegant Valentine’s Graduation Dress from the Wedding studio.33.

A classic Valentine’s look.

Craft chic Valentinos Valentines Wedding Accessories at the Bride Salon.34.

A modern Valentine’s party.

Make a modern Valentine Valentine Party by decorating the hallways and the lobby of your wedding reception.35.

A cozy Valentine’s night.

Make the most romantic Valentine Night Party at the Party Studio.36.

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