‘Yoshii Craft’ launches at local craft store

NEW YORK — “Yoshiii Craft” — a Japanese-inspired artisanal food truck — will open its first craft store in New York City on Friday.

The truck will sell handmade crafts including handcrafted tiaras, tea cups, t-shirts, and more at an open house at 10 a.m. at the Brooklyn Brewery, a 10-minute drive from the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Brooklyn Brewery has partnered with the city’s craft-beer and food-distribution network, The Brooklyn Craft Alliance, to bring the truck to the borough, which hosts the largest craft beer and food scene in the country.

The Brooklyn Craft Center will be open with a full bar and full food menu, with the food truck expected to serve two to three dishes per day.

A full menu will also be available at the brewery’s taproom, said Brooklyn Brewery co-owner and beer director David Estrada.

Food trucks are popular in the craft beer world, with craft beer aficionados in the United States and around the world embracing the concept, but craft beer in general remains a niche craft-brewer category.

Many of the companies are owned by big beer conglomerates, which typically have less control over the product than craft beer enthusiasts.

Craft truck operators are still limited to serving their own beer and only offer samples.

They are not allowed to sell to retail outlets.

The concept of an artisanal truck with a limited menu is a departure from the traditional craft-pub concept that has been around for decades.

In addition to a traditional beer and cheese truck, which can be seen at many craft breweries around the country, craft trucks offer food, drink and other food offerings, but are not licensed to sell food.

The trucks are often seen parked on the streets or at the corner of Grand Central and Columbus Avenues, and are generally only open during business hours.

A Brooklyn Craft Brewery spokesman said the Brooklyn Craft Brewers Association will oversee the opening of the BrooklynCraft Food Truck.

The food truck will also have a full beer menu and beer taps, he said.

The beer truck will be at the entrance of the brewery and will be staffed by food truck drivers, he added.

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