Nancy the crafty Indian is out of her depth

Nancy the Crafty Indian, the adorable and affectionate little cat, has been forced to retire from the world, after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

The adorable, playful little kitty has been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of ovarian cancer, which is caused by mutations that are caused by the mutation of a protein called T-cell receptors.

Nancy, a 10-year-old male, has lived in captivity since she was a kitten.

“Nancy is an example of a cat who is loved by all,” said Sanjay Raghavan, the chief executive of the Bengal Cat Society.

“She is an icon in our culture and a symbol of Indian culture.

We are very happy that she has been allowed to live a normal life.”

The Bengal Cat Foundation has organised a fund-raising drive for the Bengal cat, and said the kitty will be cremated.

“We have set up a fund of Rs 2 lakh to help Nancy pay for funeral expenses.

This is an exceptional opportunity for the cat and we wish her all the best,” said Rajesh Sharma, a founder member of the foundation.

“Even a small amount will be helpful to her family.”

NANCY HAS BEEN OUT OF HER TRACK FOR SOME TIMENow, it has become very clear that Nancy is not healthy enough to live on the streets.

“My condition is very bad and I am very sad about it.

I have been confined to the house, and even my food is spoiled.

My body has not recovered from this treatment,” said Nancy.

Her prognosis is still uncertain, but it is believed that she will require surgery to remove her tumors.

“As the cancer is on the outside, we can’t really say if it will get worse,” said a veterinary surgeon at a hospital where Nancy has been kept.

“The tumor is on her inside and we are not sure if it can get bigger.

So it will be hard to remove it,” he added.

“There are many cats who have been trapped and kept in poor conditions,” he said.

But there are many who are happy with their status.

“I have been very lucky.

I was a happy little cat,” said Shreya.

“And I am happy that I am not out of touch with reality.

I am proud of the cat.

I will never forget her.”