When it comes to craft distillers, craft distilleries have their own identity

Craft distillators have long struggled to establish themselves in the industry, with the likes of Redhook Brewing, The Old Brewery and New Zealand’s Big Island Breweries all struggling to find a place in the UK. 

However, as the craft beer and cider scene has seen a steady influx of new entrants, there are some big names emerging to the craft distillery scene in the form of New Zealand craft distills. 

Now, craft breweries have come out with a few new beers to tide us over. 

These include: Tamarack Tamarac is a collaboration between New Zealand and American brewer The Old Brewery that has been brewing its own craft beer, Tamaroos, since 2013. 

Tammaroos is a combination of three ingredients: pilsner malt, dried yeast and malted barley. 

The brewery hopes to make its beer a seasonal offering for the winter months. 

Auckland’s New Zealand Craft Distillery has also launched a new line of craft beers including the Tambaroos and Tumari breweries. 

Pilsner Malt is the original malt used to make pale ales, and the tasting room at the brewery is open to the public to try new beers. 

Malted barley is the raw material used to ferment all of brewed beer. 

All of these beers will be available at the brewery starting on Friday, October 2nd, and will be available in cans and bottles from December 11th, the brewery says on its Facebook page. 

Both Tamiros and Tamaracs will be available in New Zealand. 

New Zealand Craft Beer Week runs from October 5-7, and is organised by the New Zealand Beer Company. 

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