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Green Kid craft beer has been given a new lease of life as it becomes the new flagship of the Green Kid Brewing Company.

With the addition of their new brewery and taproom, Green Kid will open the brewery and brewery bar next week.

“Our new brewery, taproom and tap room are a fantastic opportunity for us to take our brand into a new space and really take the craft beer concept to a new level,” said Green Kid Brewmaster and founder, Dave Green.

In 2017, the company made its mark with the release of the Blue Raspberry Stout and the Green Kids Red Raspberry Porter, and they were also nominated for the Great American Beer Festival’s Best New Beer category.

The brewery has also had an illustrious history with the likes of Jameson, The Brewer, the Beer Factory, and Red Dog.

After the launch of Green Kid in 2017, they launched the Greenkid Brewery Club, an award-winning membership service, where they have been rewarded with membership to Green Kid Brewery Club and Green Kid Taproom.

Green Kid has also launched a craft beer selection, which is available on select taprooms around the country, and is available in the GreenKid Taproom in Melbourne, Victoria.

As a part of their expanded portfolio, Green Kids has released their first new product in over a year.

This year, the GreenKids Red Raspberry Stout has been bottled at GreenKid Brewery Club.

For the past few months, the brewery has been serving up the brewery’s new Red Raspberry Coffee Stout in cans as part of its annual coffee event.

You can view more about the new brewery at the Greenkids website.

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