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A man who worked at a pizzeria in the occupied West Bank city of Jericho on the eve of the third intifada was arrested in July after he allegedly threatened to kill the owner of a local pizzeria who was filming him, a security official said on Friday.

The man, named only as Abu Hamad, 30, was taken to police headquarters in Ramallah for questioning and released on bail, said Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai, head of the Palestinian Police.

The suspect had been under surveillance by the security forces for months, he added.

The case came as police raided the homes of several Palestinian businessmen, including one whose son was killed by an Israeli settler in the West Bank.

In an interview with the Palestinian news site Al-Aqsa, Mordechaei said the investigation was still in its preliminary stages, but that he hoped the case would lead to arrests of Palestinian businessmen who had connections to the armed wing of Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip.

“The Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian Authority security forces will continue to confront this type of threat,” he said.

The latest development comes as the Israeli government and the PA continue to hammer out a new framework to end the intifadas, which have killed thousands of Israelis and Palestinians and sparked waves of unrest in the region.

In a bid to ease tensions, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signed a law last month allowing for more Palestinian land to be transferred to Israelis and paving the way for Palestinian citizens of Israel to move to the West Banks.

Israel has said it will not let Hamas or other Palestinian factions win the future of East Jerusalem.

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