The Trump administration wants to take over a few businesses — but they won’t let you use the word ‘carpetbag’ in their ads

The Trump White House has made a number of efforts to rebrand the administration’s efforts to combat homelessness and the opioid epidemic.

On Thursday, the president signed an executive order that makes it easier for agencies to use the term “carpetsbag” in their marketing materials, which they will need to do in order to qualify for funding from the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Institutes of Health.

It’s unclear exactly what this means for charities and nonprofits that use the phrase in their materials, but the Trump administration is pushing to use it more broadly in their efforts to build bridges to communities.

“It is the policy of the United States that the phrase ‘carcassbag’ shall not be used in any advertisement for a nonprofit organization or the purchase of merchandise by a nonprofit or for any other purpose in connection with the purchase or sale of merchandise or goods,” said the order.

“Carcassbags, which were not used in the 1930s and ’40s in the United Kingdom, are now being rebranded to ‘carrasses’ to convey the message that the American economy is no longer an opportunity for beggars and drunks.

They are no longer a refuge from the harsh realities of modern America,” it added.

“These rebranding efforts will also help ensure that the president’s policies are not limited to homeless services and will be effective across the board.”

The new policy comes after the administration began making progress on its goal to reach 100,000 homeless Americans by 2021.

The Trump Administration announced in May that it would start prioritizing the provision of housing to the nation’s most homeless Americans and to combat opioid abuse, while also supporting other economic and social development initiatives.

It also comes as the president and his administration are trying to rebuild trust with the public over the allegations of a massive, decades-long conspiracy against him and his family, and as Congress is grappling with a massive budget deficit.

The administration has also made a series of changes to how it uses social media, as it is now required to disclose more about the communications of its administration staff to the public.

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