Nancy Drew: Craft Axe Thrower and Craft Knife Shop in New York

Nancy Drew’s Craft Axe and Craft Spear stores in New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania are shutting their doors.

The New York Post reported the stores will close on Jan. 31.

The stores are in the same shopping center as the iconic Nancy Drew Craft Store. 

The stores had a very positive following online and in the store.

They sold hundreds of items and even had a video game show on the shelves. 

“Nancy Drews Craft Store in Newark, N.J., has been a part of Newark for many years and has enjoyed a loyal following in the city for many decades,” a statement from the store read. 

 The store was also known for its candy and cake displays. 

Nancy said in the video that it was a hard decision to close the stores, but they were able to find a new location for them in another state. 

(h/t the Huffington Post) (Image via Nancy Drew)