Why are the craft beer shops on the rise?

The Craft Beer Scene is on the up again, with craft breweries opening up shop in the capital Canberra and the Sydney CBD.

Craft beer sales are booming in the CBD, and the rise in beer-drinking tourists is creating a boom in craft breweries, with the latest figures showing more than half of people visiting the CBD are drinking craft beer.

A beer festival is being planned in Canberra, with brewers planning to open their own breweries.

There are now more craft breweries in the ACT than anywhere else in the country, according to the Beer Industry Council, and craft beer has been growing by around 15 per cent a year since the beginning of the year.

The craft beer scene in Canberra is booming with craft beer in the air, according the Beer and Spirits Council, with over 150 craft breweries now operating in the state.

In the ACT there are now over 200 craft breweries.

A craft beer festival in Canberra.

It’s a good sign that we’re starting to see a lot more of that in the future.

The Canberra CBD has had some of the best craft beer festivals in the world, said Beer Council chief executive Tim Williams.

“I think that the beer scene is on a bit of a high in terms of quality, but it’s still a really small niche and a very small proportion of people are going to drink craft beer,” he said.

“But we’ve got a good number of restaurants that are also doing great craft beer events.”

“We’ve got lots of people coming in from all over the country,” he added.

“It’s definitely a good start to the year, especially with the holidays around the corner.”

We know that we need more restaurants and more bars to get more people coming into the Canberra CBD, which is a good thing, and we’ll continue to grow our community.

“Craft beer in Canberra The beer scene will grow in the coming years, but there are still some barriers to entry.

You have to go to the state or territory liquor licence for beer, but those licenses can be quite expensive and you can’t get a full license.

You also need a permit from the liquor licence holder to do some beer-making and cidering.

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission has a special permit for beer in Australia, but only a handful of the craft breweries are able to sell in the Territory, and only if they’re located in a licensed premises.

The Liquor Control Board of Australia is also a big supporter of the beer industry in the Canberra area, with a beer festival planned in the city next year.

This is a small part of the world’s craft beer market, he said, and it’s up to people to be more active in the craft market, like with local breweries. “

I think you can get really good beer in a good pub, and in the back end of the bar there’s not a lot that you can do to make beer, so it’s a bit like going out to a bar and trying to drink a beer,” Mr Williams said.

This is a small part of the world’s craft beer market, he said, and it’s up to people to be more active in the craft market, like with local breweries.

He said he would like to see the ACT Government introduce legislation for craft beer as a standalone industry.

“If they were to do that it would create an exciting new industry for Canberra and New South Wales,” he joked.

There are plenty of other small craft breweries that are thriving in Canberra and in Sydney, including The Caves, a pub in the Riverbank CBD that is one of the few to be open to the public.

The Coves has been one of Canberra’s biggest craft beer bars since opening in 2012.

They have a big selection of beers, and a small selection of beer that is on tap.

“We have a lot, but we have a really strong selection of small beers that we can get people interested in,” Mr Caves owner Paul Cairns said.

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