When a cigar-maker’s life is changed, his family is affected

On the day of a fire, Yoshio’s mother, Tetsuya, takes her daughter out for the first time.

Tetsu’s son, Keiji, is her partner.

But Keiji is also a cigar enthusiast, so he watches Yoshio as she smokes.

“I’ll take her on a trip to see the place where they smoke, because she’s so different,” he says.

As the smoke starts to pour out of the building, Keji grabs Yoshio by the arm.

“Hey, Mom, I’m sorry.

You don’t have to do this,” he tells her.

“You know what?

I’m going to go see them.”

Keiji takes his daughter to a cigar store.

Yoshio looks at the cigars in the humidor and thinks, They’re really good.

Keiji says he will come back soon.

“If I’m back home, it’ll be on my knees,” Yoshio says.

It’s the first day of his job as a tobacco dealer.

His boss, a man named Takayuki, is surprised when he arrives at the plant and sees Yoshio smoking.

“When I saw her, I was shocked,” Takayukis father, Shigeru, says.

“She was a normal, normal person.

She’s an ordinary girl.”

Takayuka, who is a tobacco consultant, says he didn’t know Yoshio could smoke.

“We were afraid that she might get addicted to tobacco,” he said.

But Takayu says his wife, who works in the plant, told him it’s OK for her to smoke.

He says they’re still learning the trade, but he has never seen anything like this.

“That was the hardest part for me,” Takagawa said.

“It’s very difficult for me to watch her smoke.”

For Yoshio, her job isn’t just about being a cigar shop owner, but it’s also about being an artist.

In fact, it’s a job she loves so much that she wrote a song about it called “The Story of Smoke,” in which she describes the experience.

Her son, Takayutaka, is the first to introduce her to his favorite cigar.

“My son, when he first saw me smoking, he told me, ‘Mom, I don’t want to go back home,'” Yoshio said.

Yoshiyu is also the first person to join her son, who also works in a cigar factory, to the shop.

It wasn’t long after they started working together that she was able to show her son how she smoked.

“He was so excited, he started smoking and talking about it,” Takamaki said.

The family’s life was changed, and Takayuga had to start taking care of Yoshiyus health problems.

“A lot of my friends in my neighborhood are getting cancer and I’ve been getting them for so long.

Yoshiwaki and I decided to come up with a way to help,” Takahashi said.

After a few months, Takahasa started to feel better.

He also started smoking again.

It took more than a year before Yoshiyukas health started to improve.

“As soon as I started smoking, I felt like my life was going to change,” Takashita said.

In the first three months of 2016, Takashima had a relapse of the same cancer, but his symptoms went away.

He’s now able to work again and is now on his way to becoming a doctor.

He hopes his work will help other people who have cancer or are struggling with it.

Yoshihiro also had a bad relapse and ended up in a nursing home.

He said it was hard to stay in a home that didn’t allow smoking.

And while he’s no longer a smoker, he says it’s tough to keep up with his life when he has to be the caregiver.

“For me, being in the home is just like a job, so I have to take care of myself, I have work to do,” he explained.

“But I want to do something else.

I want more people like me to be able to be out there.

I think it’s important for people to be happy in the world and live their lives in peace.”