Disney, Lego, Disney-ABC: Lego is the way to go?

The makers of the popular Lego series are in talks with Disney-owned ABC to use the network’s cable network to debut new animated films, a move that would be Disney-backed.

The news comes as Disney and its parent company, Disney, fight over a proposed merger of the two media companies, with Disney threatening to sue the networks parent in federal court over its efforts to block the deal.

Lego’s parent, the company’s parent company Disney-Disney, was formed in 2009 to make toys for children in developing countries.

The company says the new line would not interfere with its work on its “Lego Worlds” series.

The move could give Disney- ABC a foothold in the industry as it tries to find a way to monetize content on the networks network.

The talks are part of a wider push by the Disney-controlled cable networks to expand their digital properties.

In recent years, Disney has been expanding its content offerings in new and innovative ways.

The ABCs “Legoland” franchise has expanded from Disney-Pixar’s popular theme parks to include a series of outdoor adventures.

It also launched its own video game platform, “ABC Game Pass.”

“Legos is a brand that we’ve had for a long time and we’re always looking for ways to leverage it,” Disney-Fox CEO Jeff Bewkes said last year.

“We’re going to be able to take advantage of the networks ability to deliver this content in a way that is a lot more seamless and seamless for our viewers and for us as well.”

ABC is the second of three broadcast television networks to partner with Lego to create animated programming.

ABC has also announced partnerships with the makers of Minecraft, a video game series about building and exploring an interactive world, and “Legends of Tomorrow.”

ABC has aired its own animated series “Legacys” since 2012, with a new one in the works.

It has not announced any new projects, but the Lego animated line is the first to be aired on ABCs flagship news channel, “This Week.”

Disney- Disney is also working on a slate of films that it says will be “based on Lego and inspired by it.”