What a Craft Beer Cocktail Book Would Look Like (And Should Be)

What if you could buy a craft beer cocktail book?

We’re talking about an idea that’s a bit like The Great British Bake Off.

The idea is to put together a collection of recipes and a list of drinks to help you choose your next favourite.

But, this time, you’d have to be able to actually pick a beer to take home, which might seem like a stretch.

That’s where The Craft Beer Lounge comes in. 

This space is a space where craft beer enthusiasts can go and enjoy a drink or two in style, without actually having to buy a bottle. 

A few of the beers on the bar will be curated by craft beer experts and the owner of The Craft Lounge is Adam Kuczela.

Adam and his team have put together an extensive list of beer styles that will be available to try on tap and bottles that will not be available on draught. 

Adam Kuczeas beer list is so extensive that he’s actually been asked to put in a list for every single beer that he wants to have available at The Craft.

The list includes: Tangerine IPA (Aussie, IPA) (7.4%, IBU) Tupelo Stout (Cocktail) Porter (6.6%, IBD) Grapefruit Wheat (Cocktails) Boulevard Amber (IPA, IBU, ABV) Kona Imperial (Bitter, IPA) Nose of an IPA (Cellar) Sour Gose (Lager) Stout (American) Cockney Brown (English) Dry Hopped IPA  (Celery) Velvet (Vodka) Ales from Around the World (Porter, Imperial, Imperial Stout) Mashed  (Lager, Stout)   (4.9%, IBA) An English Pale Ale (2.4% ABV, IBA, IPD) The beer list will be on display for everyone to see and the bar has a few beer-related drinks to choose from.

It will also be stocked with craft beer accessories, including craft bottles and a beer-themed t-shirt. 

What’s The Craft?

The Craft Lounge has been in the works for a few years now.

The concept came about after Adam, who is originally from the US, started thinking about what it would be like to go to a cocktail party and see what beer was being served, said Adam.

“So we’re really aiming to build a space that’s welcoming, inviting, inviting,” Adam said.

“We want people to go and have fun, to make some friends and to have a good time.” 

Adam said that he was initially looking for the perfect place for a venue, but then he came across The Craft when he was searching for an Irish pub.

Adam had been looking at venues that were open late at night and that didn’t allow him to get home before midnight, but he thought it would also be fun to go with friends. 

The Craft is located in a building at a busy intersection in central Vancouver.

The building was originally built in the 1920s and has been a busy area for years. 

“It’s been a real eye-opener to see where the downtown is and the people who live there and the cultural connections,” Adam explained. 

With The Craft, Adam said that it will be a safe place for everyone.

Adam is hoping that the venue will be able host beer dinners, so you won’t have to worry about getting drunk. 

He also hopes that it’s a place where you can drink your way through a beer, or a beer cocktail.

Adam said he’s not going to take anything away from The Craft for opening the doors to the rest of the city. 

You can find The Craft in the West End at the corner of Hastings and Burrard streets. 

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