Which of the above craft beers is best for fall?

Craft beer enthusiasts around the world are buzzing about the fall craft beer craze, with a number of brands hitting the shelves in the coming months. 

Many of the breweries in the list below are on the market, and you can read more about the craft beer trend here . 

Below is a quick guide to some of the best fall craft beers available in the market right now.

Fall craft beer trends: September 2018: Prairie Fire Brewing Blackberry Porter  October 2018:  Prairies Amber Red Ale  November 2018: Praires Black Tobacco Ale December 2018: Black Pineapple Red  January 2019: Sierra Nevada Brewing Red Rock IPA February 2019:  Black Phenomenal (Kona)  March 2019: Black Red Red Lager April 2019: Kona Pilsner May 2019:Black Mint Lager June 2019: Amber Raspberry Lagunitas July 2019: Red Stout Lemon August 2019:Praire Black IPA September 2019: Black Fruit Lemongrass October 2019:Kona Sugar Lime November 2019: Prairie Bitter Cider December 2019: