What are the best craft breweries in Washington?

Washington is one of the country’s top craft breweries, with more than 40 breweries in the metro area, including breweries in D.C. and the surrounding region.

The Washington Brewers Guild, a trade group representing breweries, has ranked the region’s craft breweries among the nation’s best, saying that more than half of the breweries on the list are craft brewers.

The craft beer industry, however, is still growing, and is poised to become a $15 billion industry by 2020, according to the Brewers Association.

The Washington Brewers guild has ranked Washington’s top breweries based on quality, accessibility, market presence, brewery history and location.

They also rank the best breweries in their states.

Below are the 10 best craft beer breweries in metro Washington:Alcohol: The Washington Beer Garden is a popular hangout for the city’s beer drinking population.

Located in the city limits, the brewpub is located in the former Home of the Brave Brewery, which opened in the late 1990s.

The brewpub features a beer garden, tasting room and bar.

The craft beer scene in Washington has seen some ups and downs in recent years.

In February, the city banned the sale of small-batch beer in public places, but some breweries have managed to keep their businesses open.

The Beer Garden opened in 2010 and offers a variety of craft beers, including some by craft breweries.

It also serves wine, as well as craft beers from more than 20 states.

Beer and Wine: The D.J. Fish pub and taproom, which serves beer, wine and cocktails, is a great place to get a taste of the local craft beer culture.

The Fish has had an open license since 2008 and has expanded its beer menu to include a variety.


J Fish’s beer menu includes:The D.D.-based D.L.T. Restaurant and Lounge serves a great lunch and dinner menu that includes a full bar, full bar and cocktail bar.

The restaurant also has a beer taproom and has a full beer list.

It is located at the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue NE.

The restaurant is located near the Capitol, but there are also two other restaurants that serve a full-service beer and wine menu.

The former Beer Garden also serves a full dinner menu and is adjacent to the Capitol.

The Capitol is located just outside the Capitol in the shadow of the Capitol dome.

The Capitol Beer Garden and Taproom has been open since 2007.

The bar and restaurant are located at a location that is less than a mile from the Capitol and can be accessed by public transportation.

The dining room also serves as a bar for private events.

The Taproom offers a full dining experience, which includes a private patio area, a wine cellar, and bar service.